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The Pace Entrepreneur Lab is for students looking to develop their business idea into an actual entrepreneurial venture.

Apply Now

Apply to the entrepreneurship lab to become a student associate!

All we need is your major, school, and a summary of your entrepreneurial venture.

Prepare for your Meeting

The entrepreneur lab will contact you to schedule a short meeting to discuss your business idea.

It is ideal to bring any documents, prototypes, and general materials that you have prepared for your business idea.

Network with other Entrepreneurs

Once admitted to the entrepreneurship lab you will be given a custom login into the Pace Entrepreneurship forums.

The forums are for our student associates who are looking to network with other entrepreneurs, exchange services, and possibly partner up to pursue a venture together.

Start your Venture

The entrepreneurship lab has all the valuable resources an entrepreneur needs such as photo editing software, Mac computers, and rental equipment (iPads, DSLR’s, & Video Cameras). The lab is also a great place to collaborate or get your work done. We have conference rooms and work spaces for all student associates.


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Lab Hours

Monday: 10AM-6PM
Tuesday: 10AM-6PM
Wednesday: 10AM-6PM
Thursday: 10AM-6PM

How to Reach Us

We Are Located At:
163 William Street Room 344
New York, NY 10038
Phone: 212.618.6667