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Entrepreneur Lab Student Businesses 

Spiridoula Cardona
Dyson College of Arts and Science

Company Description

Brownstone Bee (BB) will be a manufacturing business that will sell all natural beeswax cosmetics and candles. The company has three missions: a social mission, sustainable mission, and an economic mission. Brownstone Bee will sell their products business to business. Its target businesses are boutiques, all natural food stores, eco-friendly cafes, hair salons, nail salons, and eco-friendly restaurants. BB will officially launch this summer 2013 and begin selling in Astoria, NY. As the business grows, BB’s target locations are L.I.C., Williamsburg, West Village, East Village, and Soho.


Spiridoula is a senior Political Science student concentrating in International Relations. Political Science has enabled her to think critically and analytically about the world. She has conducted theoretical, qualitative, and quantitative research in the topics of her interest. Spiridoula’s academic, professional, and personal work experience has helped her to discover that she has a real passion for social entrepreneurship.

Spiridoula sets out to creatively apply her skills and experience to building a strong business model for Brownstone Bee. On her spare time, she also runs a small business painting and selling Byzantine icons. Her interests are Theology, foreign politics, social entrepreneurship, the arts, architectural design, crafting, creating, and green living. Spiridoula is an action oriented visionary and aspiring social entrepreneur. She will combine her skills to serve a single purpose (@BrownstoneBee).

Javier Dutan
Lubin School of Business

Company Description

Nova Software designs software designated for food and beverage establishment. It will create programs that will handle financials and logistics of running small businesses all the way up to large facilities such as hotels or franchises. They key focus is to make a restaurant owners life more organized and efficient.


My name is Javier Dutan, I am a Junior in the Lubin School of Business at Pace University. My major is Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship with an expected graduation date of May 2014. I have experience in many different fields ranging from Photography, Web Design, Marketing, and Financial Analytics.

I have worked in startups such as Applico Inc. that is now the market leader in its mobile development field. I have worked in financial analytics with Cians Analytics and have learned a great deal of business to business communication as well as managing a team overseas.  My marketing experience with business to consumer has come from working with Apple and its award winning marketing team. My ambition to target an obstacle in the restaurant industry stems from my experience with restaurants. I grew up with restaurants as part of my childhood. I have seen my parent’s small restaurant slowly evolve through market changes, expansion, and innovation. I inherited my parents drive to succeed and as a result I would like to create my own success through an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Jewel T. High
Lubin School of Business

Company Description

The Jewel High Collection provides exquisite luxury footwear for women of sizes 6 to 15. Each shoe offers comfort and is enriched with our signature orange lining. I introduce “Poison” and “Tami”, which are the first two styles of my collection. “Poison” is a 5.5 inch platform sandal that will leave others breathless. “Tami” is a beautiful 5.5 inch D’orsay platform pump with an interchangeable ankle strap that represents growth and elegance. I have worked extremely hard over the past 5 years to make my childhood dream a reality.


Jewel T. High is a Pace University BBA General Accounting candidate for May of 2013. During her college experience, Jewel became a certified HIV/ AIDS Awareness Trainer for CDC and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., scholarly writer for Dyson Society of Fellows, and a Northeastern Regional and International Award Recipient of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. for outstanding achievement and providing meritorious service. She is now the CEO and Creative Director of Jewel High Collection, exquisite luxury footwear for women of sizes 6 to 15.

Jewel T. High strives to make sure all women have a chance to walk with style and confidence by accommodating women with large shoe sizes. While rigorously studying accounting, Jewel took art classes at the Art Institute to enhance her design skills, researched the footwear industry, and studied under a mentor with over 30 years of experience in the footwear industry. Jewel High Collection is currently an e-commerce business with plans to be accessible at high end department stores and boutiques.

Tarun Kalra
Lubin School of Business

Company Description

Ravasco Transmission Pvt Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of conveyor belts, rubber and electric sheets, EPDM roofing membranes and PVC fabric. The company was established in Mumbai, India, in early 1980s and has since been a key competitor in the Indian market as well as the global market. It has four different manufacturing units located in the state of Gujarat, and serves markets such as mining, steel, cement, OEM (original equipment manufacturers), shipping, etc.

The company has grown consistently and rapidly, year after year and so has been able to expand its portfolio by acquiring Madura Industrial Textiles (MIT) in 2003. MIT produces polyester and nylon fabrics, which have many applications such as automotive, aviation, conveyor belting, medical, etc. MIT recently expanded its operations to create a phase II and has set an example of how operations should be run in the industry.

To find out more about Ravasco’s operations and products, please visit:


Exports are very crucial to a producer of commodities or finished products because increasing number of producers are coming out from every corner in the local market. To be able to hedge the risk of losing customers in India, Tarun Kalra, Director of Ravasco, has taken the initiative to establish a strong clientele in North and South America. 40% of Ravasco’s annual revenue is from exports, but Tarun wants to grow that number.

He started working at Ravasco in May’09 as a personal assistant to the CFO of the company where he created pricing quotes for products and interacted and negotiated pricing with clients. He went on to train as a floor manager for one of the manufacturing facilities and acquired comprehensive knowledge about the products and the industry.

Tarun Kalra is a senior at Pace university pursuing a BBA in finance, and wishes to create a financing part for Ravasco and MIT, like GE Capital, sometime in the future.

Geordi Taylor
Dyson College of Arts and Science

Company Description

Blue-Green Solutions (BGS) is Jamaica’s only producer of B100 biodiesel. BGS strives to provide its customers with quality biodiesel and timely delivery to meet their energy needs.


Geordi Taylor is an undergraduate Economics Major who is currently utilizing the tools of the entrepreneurship lab at Pace University to construct a business plan and for a biodiesel production facility in his home-country of Jamaica. Geordi hopes to provide Jamaican businesses and citizens with a cheaper alternative to high-priced petroleum diesel by producing B100 (100% biodiesel) while providing a means for them to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment and our atmosphere.

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